It’s the landlord again.

Looking down on the street through the rain covered window, I see him run toward the front of the building.  As I listen to him climb the stairs, I reach into the top desk drawer and pull out my piece.

I flip the cylinder open, glance at the dead eyes of the back of the shells.  I take another sip of bourbon and set the bottle down.

I set the revolver down on the desk, then pick it up again.  Last time just having it on the desk made him nervous.  Time to up the ante a bit.

The door opens as I place the barrel in my mouth.  Our eyes lock, and I realize the metal is colder than it looks.

“Look Mac, I really need your ren….”, he trails off as the realization of what he’s seeing washes over him.

My mouth currently intimately engaged with the gun in my hand, I say nothing.

Normally the double click of the action as I thumb back the hammer is kind of comforting.  Not so much this time.  I actually see the beads of sweat pop out on his forehead as a look of horror climbs over his face.

“I, I…” he stutters then turns and flees the room.  Maybe a week ’til he digs up enough courage to come back.

I unlock the front sight from behind my teeth and put the gun back on the desk.  I lift the bottle for another sip.

I stand and step across the room to close the door, my eyes flickering over the doorplate.

Mike McNess  –  Private Detective

That’s me.  I’m the guy you come to when you’re desperate, when all the chips are down.

The smell of urine hits me from the couch.  The Senator’s girl was a class act, but that little dog was a monster.

Gotta get that cleaned, and soon.  As I round the desk, I notice the food spots and spills on the carpet.  Gotta call the cleaners tomorrow morning.  Those guys are good at what they do.  Cleaned a lot of things out of a lot of carpets for me.

Quality Carpet Cleaning, that’s them.  It’s hard to find a good cleaner in my business, and I appreciate quality.  In my women, in my bourbon, and in the guys who get stuck cleaning up after me.

I sit down, take another sip, and watch the rain fall.

That’s me. Mike (Mac) McNess. Private Dick.

I’m the guy with a gun in his mouth.

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Why Choose Quality Carpet Cleaning?

Our organizational structure allows us to deliver the same or better quality of service as any of the major companies out there for a much lower cost. We invite you to compare.

There’s no secret to doing what we do. There are industry and manufacturers’ standards. There is certified training. There are apprenticeships. The best equipment and cleaning solutions are available to anyone. If you strip away all their attempts to distinguish themselves, you will find that all the top companies essentially clean how Quality Carpet Cleaning does because it’s what works best. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

Quality Carpet Cleaning has thousands of independent reviews on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, the BBB and various other review sites. These are not reviews we collect on our site where we can filter and control them. Thus, though we are rated highly everywhere, not all of our reviews are great. However, you will see that when a problem does pop up, we go out of our way to make things right with the customer.

If you are unhappy for any reason, we will gladly come out and re-clean any area you are not happy with.

We at Quality Carpet Cleaning appreciate how important your time is and give it the highest priority. We schedule ideally 3, but no more than 4, jobs per day for each technician where other companies schedule up to 6. In this way our technicians have plenty of time between jobs and don’t have to rush through a job to get to the next.

In the real world, situations arise where someone needs service right away. As a result, we keep our schedule flexible enough where we can do a reasonable number of same-day jobs. Obviously, the earlier you contact us the higher the likelihood we can accommodate you.

Our staff cares about our customers because we care about them. We look for people who like helping others and then train them on how to. We have an unofficial policy: If we have to supervise you, you don’t belong here. Our people know and like their jobs and it comes through when you talk to them.

All our products are safe for kids & pets. What most people don’t know is that California regulations are so strict that many cleaning products sold in other states are not allowed to be sold here. Some standards even go beyond “green”. That said, we also carry a line of green carpet cleaning products for hyper-sensitive people.

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