Typically it can take about 20 minutes per room. This can vary depending on size of the room, soil conditions and type of carpet. Also allow time for going over the job with the technician, setting up and breaking down the equipment and-after job cleanup. For example, a typical 4-room cleaning can take between 1 ½ and 2 hours. But, again, this can vary greatly.

It usually takes up to 8 to 24 hours to dry, depending upon humidity, temperature and ventilation. Don’t remove any protective pads or blocks until the carpet fully dries. It can be walked on as soon as the cleaning is done. But don’t wear outdoor shoes as they may soil the carpet. We recommend rubber-soled footwear, and be careful not to slip when going from damp carpet onto a hard surface.

Yes, at no additional charge. Like most companies we will move items like sofas, tables and chairs. Dressers, beds, china cabinets, electronics, pianos and such don’t usually need to be moved and should be kept in place. Breakables and knickknacks should be removed from the furniture that will be moved.

It’s not necessary, as our equipment is constantly vacuuming as we clean.

We use the steam cleaning method. Its technical name is hot water extraction. The equipment injects chemically treated hot water into the carpet and vacuums it out immediately, removing dirt, allergens and most of the water. Very little cleaning solution is needed as hot water is the main cleaning agent, and thus virtually no residue is left in the carpet. This is the gentlest and most effective method known and the one recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

Homes are designed in different architectural styles. Some separate rooms with walls and others employ open architecture. So it’s difficult to define a room by walls only. So we use function. For example a living room and dining area combination we treat as 2 rooms — the same as if they were separated by a wall. Some “great rooms” can function in multiple ways. Halls, entries, small rooms like baths and utility rooms are priced at a lower rate. Stairs are priced differently, as well.

Unfortunately, nobody can or should. Some stains are permanent. There are many reasons for this. In some cases, the actual dye has been stripped. Some substances can actually dye the carpet like some nail polishes, beet juice, etc. Pet urine can often discolor a carpet. Some spills can bleach an area. Some spots aren’t dirt spots but wear spots. In many cases, it is difficult to identify if a spot is permanent until we try to remove it. In some cases, aggressive effort to remove a spot can make it look worse. Our experienced technicians understand the chemistry of spot removal and will do what can be done to remove them safely.

Because dogs and cats don’t sweat, their urine contains alkaline salts which absorb moisture from the air. Thus, pet urine never really dries and becomes a feeding ground for bacteria, causing odor, staining and discoloration. Minor conditions can be handled with a combination of germicidal and enzyme surface treatments, and enzyme injections into the padding. Major conditions usually require pad replacement and floor treatment in addition to treating the carpet.

This is usually caused by a chemical residue being left in the carpet. This residue can attract and hold dirt. Our process leaves virtually no residue. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction (same thing) relies mostly on water temperature rather than chemicals to clean. If you took a greasy pan and ran cold water over it, the grease would barely move. Now, use very hot water and see the difference. Very little cleaning product is necessary. This is one of the reasons steam cleaning is so effective.

Give us a call or email us and we will arrange to have someone come back out and remove those for you. We have a 30-day guarantee for that reason. It’s not unusual for spots to reappear a short time after cleaning. Usually going over the area a second time handles it.

Some companies charge more, some less. Our prices are based on our actual costs and a reasonable profit margin. Carpet cleaners have to make a living. To get the best cleaners, we have to compensate them well. However, because of our efficient operation and low overhead we are able to keep the price below the national chains. Some of the companies who charge less often have hidden charges and misleading wording in their ads. Others are one-man operations who may or may not be reliable, and who may or may not stand behind their work. We also offer a 30-day guarantee which we honor. Our industry is very competitive. The challenge is to provide an attractive price to customers without sacrificing quality.

No cause for worry. Your carpet is not ruined. The carpet almost always returns to normal after it fully dries. Carpet has layers glued together. Some adhesives will expand when it gets wet and go back to normal when it dries. If for some reason it is still loose after a few days, call us and we will take care of it.

Though carpet cleaning will remove many fleas, it will not solve your flea problem. It is most likely there are fleas in other places besides the carpet. Also, fleas lay eggs on upholstery, rugs and various other places. We recommend you hire an exterminator before we clean, and follow their recommendations if you have a serious flea problem. You may have to delay the cleaning until the flea treatment can run its course.

Fabric protectors won’t prevent a carpet from getting dirty. Their purpose is to protect the carpet from permanent stains and to prolong the life of the fabric, which they do very well, if properly applied.

Mohawk Industries and many other carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months using cleaning products and equipment that use the hot water extraction method, also called “steam cleaning,” performed by a carpet care professional.

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Why Choose Quality Carpet Cleaning?

Our organizational structure allows us to deliver the same or better quality of service as any of the major companies out there for a much lower cost. We invite you to compare.

There’s no secret to doing what we do. There are industry and manufacturers’ standards. There is certified training. There are apprenticeships. The best equipment and cleaning solutions are available to anyone. If you strip away all their attempts to distinguish themselves, you will find that all the top companies essentially clean how Quality Carpet Cleaning does because it’s what works best. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

Quality Carpet Cleaning has thousands of independent reviews on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, the BBB and various other review sites. These are not reviews we collect on our site where we can filter and control them. Thus, though we are rated highly everywhere, not all of our reviews are great. However, you will see that when a problem does pop up, we go out of our way to make things right with the customer.

If you are unhappy for any reason, we will gladly come out and re-clean any area you are not happy with.

We at Quality Carpet Cleaning appreciate how important your time is and give it the highest priority. We schedule ideally 3, but no more than 4, jobs per day for each technician where other companies schedule up to 6. In this way our technicians have plenty of time between jobs and don’t have to rush through a job to get to the next.

In the real world, situations arise where someone needs service right away. As a result, we keep our schedule flexible enough where we can do a reasonable number of same-day jobs. Obviously, the earlier you contact us the higher the likelihood we can accommodate you.

Our staff cares about our customers because we care about them. We look for people who like helping others and then train them on how to. We have an unofficial policy: If we have to supervise you, you don’t belong here. Our people know and like their jobs and it comes through when you talk to them.

All our products are safe for kids & pets. What most people don’t know is that California regulations are so strict that many cleaning products sold in other states are not allowed to be sold here. Some standards even go beyond “green”. That said, we also carry a line of green carpet cleaning products for hyper-sensitive people.

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