Noir It's the landlord again. Looking down on the street through the rain covered window, I see him run toward the front of the building.  As I [...]

Stains That Come Back

So I started spot cleaning to save myself some money so I wouldn't have to pay someone to clean my carpets. I figured I changed my garbage disposal, so I’m a plumber! I installed a new lighting system with motion detector activation, I’m an electrician! I fixed the electric garage door then I called a professional to fix what I fixed. What a $400 disaster! Well 2 out of 3 is pretty good.I bought the best spot cleaner for carpets, sprayed it on and the spot was gone. The spot came back a little bigger and uglier a few weeks later. I went to Home Depot and spoke to the specialist in the overhead lights isle and he recommended I use the spot cleaner the professionals use. This spotter worked so good it removed everything from grease, food, soda and even took some of the color out of my carpet as a bonus. And the spots still came back bigger and uglier. I was tempted to leave the spot to cover up the loss of color.

Dust Mites: Should You Be Worried?

What are dust mites? House dust mites are microscopic bugs that primarily live on dead skin cells shed from people and their pets. Skin cells, commonly called dander, are often concentrated in mattresses, frequently used furniture and associated carpeted areas. Since mites prefer warm, moist surroundings such as the inside of a mattress when someone is on it, beds are the primary habitat. Also, bedroom carpeting and household upholstery support high mite populations.

Treating Pet Odor and Pet Stains

Treating Pet Odor and Pet Stains If you have more pictures of your pets than your kids, then this article is for you. The President of Quality [...]

Is Your Carpeting Making You Sick?

Is Your Carpeting Making You Sick? Recently, carpet has been singled out as being unhealthy because it acts as a filter to trap dust, allergens and other [...]