Stains That Come Back

So I started spot cleaning to save myself some money so I wouldn't have to pay someone to clean my carpets. I figured I changed my garbage disposal, so I’m a plumber! I installed a new lighting system with motion detector activation, I’m an electrician! I fixed the electric garage door then I called a professional to fix what I fixed. What a $400 disaster! Well 2 out of 3 is pretty good. I bought the best spot cleaner for carpets, sprayed it on and the spot was gone. The spot came back a little bigger and uglier a few weeks later. I went to Home Depot and spoke to the specialist in the overhead lights isle and he recommended I use the spot cleaner the professionals use. This spotter worked so good it removed everything from grease, food, soda and even took some of the color out of my carpet as a bonus. And the spots still came back bigger and uglier. I was tempted to leave the spot to cover up the loss of color.

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Dust Mites: Should You Be Worried?

What are dust mites? House dust mites are microscopic bugs that primarily live on dead skin cells shed from people and their pets. Skin cells, commonly called dander, are often concentrated in mattresses, frequently used furniture and associated carpeted areas. Since mites prefer warm, moist surroundings such as the inside of a mattress when someone is on it, beds are the primary habitat. Also, bedroom carpeting and household upholstery support high mite populations.

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Spot Cleaning Carpet and Upholstery

The old adage, "It can't hurt to try!" applies in many ways, but not in spot cleaning. Failed spot cleaning often leads to permanent stains. On the other hand, time is your enemy as well. The sooner you can remove the spot from your carpet or furniture, the less likely it is to stain the fabric. Thus you have a classic, damned if you do -- damned if you don't scenario. The following is a link to an excellent spot cleaning chart from the Carpet and Rug Institute. However, I would highly recommend reading the rest of this article before attempting to remove a spot yourself.

Methods of Cleaning Carpets

Methods of Cleaning Carpets Originally, all carpets were scrubbed by hand, with a brush and detergent. People could do it themselves or bring them into a cleaning facility. Then the Rotary Shampooer was invented. This is a machine with a brush that goes around-and-around, scrubbing the carpet. Shampooing is good because the brush breaks loose the deep down dirt. However, a shampooer has no way to get the dirt and shampoo out of the carpet once it breaks it loose. So, it leaves it in the carpet. The shampoo that is left in the carpet acts as a magnet to attract and hold dirt and dust. As a result, a short time after cleaning the carpet, it becomes dirtier than it was before the cleaning.

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The History of Carpet Cleaning: Part II

In the early 1960's, another "new" system hit the market. Steam cleaning. The first point that should be cleared up is the word "steam." A very unfortunate choice of words. While technically water is vapor, hence steam, anytime it is warmer than the surrounding atmosphere there really isn't what we would call live steam. Water does vaporize (steam) when it is warmer than ambient air, so the FTC in all its majesty decided we had to call them steam cleaners. Very misleading. Live or super-heated steam would ruin a carpet. The temperatures would be far beyond safe limits for any carpet dyes or heat set. Technically, this method should be described as hot water extraction.

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The History of Carpet Cleaning: Part 1

(I found the following article to be fascinating. It is the first chapter from an authoritative training manual for carpet cleaners written in the 1980’s. It gives insight into the industry as it exists today. It is unedited.) It is essential for anyone entering the carpet cleaning field to have a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the various cleaning methods, applications, and history of carpet cleaning in general to become an informed and qualified journeyman. The following is a brief history of the cleaning methods. Prior to World War II virtually all rugs were what we now call area rugs. These being portable and transportable, were best cleaned in a plant where specialized equipment could beat, vacuum, scrub and rinse all in one operation. With a proper drying room, fantastic results were obtained. After beating and vacuuming, the rugs were spread on a slab floor, hosed down with a cleaning solution and water, and scrubbed with a rotary brush scrubber. After rinsing, they were dried. After WWII, the home builders of America caused a drastic change in home construction. The scarce and expensive hardwood flooring was dispensed with in favor of concrete slabs, plywood or unfinished sub-flooring. Wall-to-wall carpeting was readily accepted by the American housewife because not only was it less work to maintain, but it was also a decorator item. It gives an attractive appearance, is warm, and reduces noise. Builders and buyers accepted it because it was cheaper.

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How to Get the Best Carpet Cleaning

When I was young, life was simple – Zenith or RCA, Ford or Chevy. Try to buy a TV lately? With the plethora of choices and the glut of information confronting consumers today, making intelligent decisions can be quite challenging. But if you know what you’re looking for, the process gets much simpler. Take carpet cleaning for example. All carpets are made from washable fabric, just like most clothes. Even oriental rugs are washable. Water, detergent, wash, rinse, spin dry - end of story. No one’s improved on the washing machine and no one’s improved on steam cleaning which basically brings the washing machine to your carpet. You can add a lot of bells and whistles and invent a lot of fancy names but it won’t change the result. Incidentally, steam cleaning, hot water extraction and steam extraction are just different names for the same thing.

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The Ten Commandments of Carpet Cleaning

1. Properly maintained carpets will last twice as long. Dirt can act like nano blades and shred the tiny fibers of your carpet when you walk on it. It's not the dirt you see, but the particles embedded deeply into the pile that do the most damage. That's why it's very important to vacuum frequently. 2. Carpet is made from washable fabric like your jeans. The best way to clean a carpet is to "follow the laundering instructions on the label". Most manufacturers recommend some combination of agitation and steam cleaning (like your washing machine). Check with the manufacturer if in doubt.

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Carpet Cleaning Prices Made Easy

Knowing how carpet cleaning companies price their services can help you avoid an unpleasant experience and get the best value. For years many carpet cleaning companies advertised ridiculously low room prices and then gave the real price once in the home. They banked on the fact that you’re not going to throw them out once they’re there. But the public wised up to that tactic.

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Economics 101 and the Lost Art of Carpet Cleaning

Technology, especially information technology, has increased individual productivity and income while at the same time lowering consumer prices in industries that are able to utilize it. And since technology driven products have dominated consumer spending lately, there is a general expectation among many consumers that all prices should be lower. But, what about industries that don’t march to the binary mantra, i.e. those employing raw commodities, the rawest of which, people, to generate production? Industries like plumbing, air-conditioning and house painting. Carpet cleaning is one such industry.

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